김미연 Mi-Youne Kim


Management: Adams Percussion

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퍼커셔니스트 김미연은 지적인 해석과 풍부한 감성을 동시에 느끼게 하는 세련된 감각의 뮤지션으로 평가 되고 있다. 그녀의 생동감이 넘치면서도 마음이 따뜻해지는 음악은 듣는 이들을 매료시키고 다양한 무대를 통해 Multifaceted 퍼커셔니스트로서 연주 경력을 이어가게 된다.

2007년 벨기에에서 개최된 제3회 세계마림바콩쿨에서 우승과 함께 현지투표로 결정되는 관객상, Sabam Prize(Best Performance of Set Piece)까지 동시에 수상, 3관왕의 영예를 차지했다. 이런 결과는 미국에서 열리는 세계타악협회의 초청으로 이어져 Pasic(세계 타악기 컨벤션)에서 데뷔 리사이틀, 폴란드의 IKMMA에서 초청 리사이틀, 프랑스 파리의 Journee de la Percussion, 4th Universal Marimba Competition & Festival(Belgium), 예술의전당 클래식스타 시리즈, SPO Chamber Music Series, 서울스프링실내악축제(Seoul Spring Festival), 서울국제타악기페스티벌(IPFS), 서울드럼페스티벌 등에서 솔로이스트와 아티스트로 연주하였다.
또한 서울시립교향악단, 세종솔로이스츠, 부산시향, 성남시향, 화음쳄버오케스트라와의 협연 등 솔로활동과 파리오케스트라의 객원연주를 포함한 아시아필하모닉등 오케스트라와 쳄버뮤직으로 타악기의 다양한 무대를 국내외에 펼치고 있다.
그녀의 라이브 및 공연실황은 MBC, KBS, SBS TV와 라디오, 교육프로그램, 매거진 등을 통하여 소개되며 타악기 음악을 적극적으로 홍보하였다.

중앙대학교와 파리 음악원, 벨기에 왕립 음악원에서 공부한 그녀는 2005년 파리음악원 재학 중 마에스트로 정명훈이 이끄는 서울시립교향악단의 단원으로 선정되어 현재까지 활동 중이며, 중앙대, 숙명여대, 건국대 강사를 역임하고, 예원학교, 서울예고에 출강하여 후학양성에 힘쓰고 있다.
자신의 스승인 Eric Sammut와 협력적인 관계를 유지하고 있으며, Eric Sammut는 Sony Classical 레이블을 통해 발표된 그녀의 앨범 ‘The Moment’에 참여하기도 하였다.

김미연은 Adams Percussion Artist이며, 대한민국 서울의 Cosmos Corporation가 그녀를 지원하고 있다

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Since winning the 3rd Universal Marimba Competition held in Belgium in 2007, Miyoune Kim (Korea), turned the world’s attention to her talents. Having also won the competition’s Public Prize and Sabam Prize (for best performance of the set piece), asserted her ability to captivate listeners with her exuberant and heartwarming music. Her combination of the spectrum of emotions within her intellectual performances has led to a profound performance career as a multifaceted percussionist.

Since her early success, Kim was invited to give her debut recital at PASIC and has since continued making solo artist and recital appearances at the the Seoul Arts Center: Classic Star Series, Seoul Drum Festival (Korea), IKMMA (Poland), Journée de la Percussion (France), the 4th Universal Marimba Competition and Festival (Belgium), and has performed in a New Generation Artists concert selected by the Association of Music Critics.

Through her passion for performance, Miyoune has become a  highly sought-after versatile musician throughout her home country. Concerto appearances include the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) and the Hwaum Chamber Orchestra. As chamber musician, she has ongoing performances with the SPO Chamber Music Series, Seoul Spring Festival and the Seoul Drum Festival. Orchestrally, she has performed with the Sejong Soloists, the Asia Philharmonic Orchestra, Busan Philharmonic, and Sungnam Philharmonic to name a few. Ms. Kim has been featured through countless live and recorded broadcasts seen and heard on MBC, SBS TV and KBS and MBC Radio.

Upon graduating from Chung-Ang University’s College of Music, Ms. Kim went on to continue her education with Frédéric Macarez and Eric Sammut at the Conservatoire Superieur de Paris-CNR from which she graduated with the First Prize. Kim further studied at the postgraduate level on the Marimba at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp with Ludwig Albert. Two months prior to graduating from the Paris Conservatoire, Kim won a position with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra with maestro Myung-Whun Chung and has since been working with the orchestra.

Since joining the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in 2005, highlighted international tours  include the BBC Proms, Edinburgh International Festival, Grafenegg, Merano and Turku Music Festivals. Kim has been recorded in all albums under the Deutsche Grammophon label under the baton of maestro Myung-Whun Chung. As part of her orchestral duties, Kim has been a key player in the Ars Nova project with artist-in-residence, Chin Unsuk, for the past 10 years. Her work has promoted percussion music through world-premiere performances of new works and the creation of new instruments and sound possibilities.

Ms. Kim fervently promotes percussion music through numerous television and radio broadcasts, printed media, performance and pedagogy throughout Korea. Some of her current teaching posts include Chung-Ang University, Konkuk University, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul Arts High School and the Yewon School for the Arts. She maintains a collaborative relationship with her mentor, Eric Sammut, and can be heard performing together on her most recent album, ‘The Moment’, on the Sony Classical Label.

Miyoune Kim is an Adams Percussion Artist and is endorsed by the Cosmos Corporation in Seoul, Korea.